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Druid: My name is Erik with a k.

NPC: *writes name down* And your last name?

Druid: With a k.

NPC: No I got that: Erik. What’s your last name?

Druid: My last name is with a k.

NPC: Wait…is your name Erik Erik?

Druid: My last name is With a K.

NPC:  Okay wait a minute, so to clarify —

Druid: My last name is literally the phrase *air quotes* “Withakay.” It is all one word.

NPC: *finishes writing* So review the document to make sure I got this right.

Druid: *looks* No I spell Eric with a C


"The reason behind the attack was that the rival taco stand in the Ork Underground has actually been supporting the mayor and it’s the mayor’s favorite taco stand that he eats at every time he visits the Underground. Also they are cheaper and have higher quality tacos. Therefore the mayor order the taco stand to eliminate its rival."

- Our GM, after glitching on a 2 dice pool Logic roll with one success.

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